Gunther Rohn is a revered figure in the realm of surfboards, and his brand, Gunther Rohn Surfboards, has been a dominant force in the industry, crafting boards that have propelled pro surfers to victory for decades. The legacy of these boards dates back to the 1980s, marked by numerous triumphs in both the WCT and WQS events.

A standout moment occurred in 1987 when Nicky Woods clinched a remarkable victory at the Rip Curl Bells Beach Easter Classic at the age of 16, all while riding Gunther's boards. These boards, featuring iconic designs like the channel bottom and vee bottoms with set fins, have become classical designs within the surfing world.

Gunther Rohn Surfboards boasts an unparalleled roster of surfers, including luminaries like Sunny Garcia, Jake Patterson, Trent Munro, Darren O’Rafferty, Pancho Sullivan, Anthony Walsh, and Dion Atkinson, among others. Even surfing legends such as Slater, AI, Curren, Pottz, and Shane Beschen  have embraced the thrill of riding Gunther's boards.

 However, Gunther Rohn's impact extends beyond board craftsmanship. He takes pride in nurturing young talent, guiding them from early junior titles to the fiercely competitive WQS and ultimately to the elite WCT. His global travels to renowned surfing destinations, in collaboration with top-tier surfers, have allowed him to refine his designs, resulting in some of the world's most high-performance surfboards.

Designs like the GR Pro, Kompressor 501, Icycool, V2 Rocket Fish, along with Channel bottoms, Guns and StepUps, serve as testaments to Gunther's meticulous craftsmanship and design expertise. With over 40 years of industry experience and his  hands on every board leaving his factory, Gunther Rohn Surfboards ensures that each customer receives the perfect board shaped precisely to their needs and abilities.

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Always had the best boards off Gunther

Anthony Walsh

This Guy makes the best Guns


I wouldn't ride anything else. Gunther is one of the most experienced surfboard shapers/designers on the planet

Steve Kearney

You could waste your coin on another shaper. But you'll be back on a Gunther again.


Gunther is one shaper you can talk to on the phone. Some of the others wouldn't give you the time of day, let lone advice. Thanks Gunther.