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Neo Retro 83, a timeless addition that's a must-have for your surfboard quiver. This classic 80's vintage performance surfboard is tailored for smaller waves, making it an essential companion for your surfing adventures. Here's what makes the Neo Retro special:

Key Features:

  • Classic 80's Vintage Design: The Neo Retro pays homage to the iconic early thruster surfboard designs of the 80s. It's a nostalgic nod to a golden era of surfing.

  • High Rails and Flat Deck: This board boasts high rails and a flat deck, which provide a unique combination of stability and responsiveness. These features ensure you have plenty of volume underfoot, creating the speed and drive you need to excel in smaller waves.

  • Strategic Shaping: The Neo Retro's design includes an area forward, with the hip positioned behind the front fins (11"). This arrangement, along with the rounded square tail and slight concave V bottom, sets the stage for carving maneuvers.

  • Speed and Power: This board is all about speed and power. It accelerates with ease, thanks to its ability to get up on the rail and glide down the line. Whether you're carving up the face or generating speed for your next maneuver, the Neo Retro delivers.

In summary, the Neo Retro is a timeless classic that combines the best of 80's vintage design with modern performance capabilities. It's the perfect choice for smaller waves, offering speed, drive, and the ability to carve with style. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this essential surfboard to your quiver for unforgettable sessions in the water.

Fins: FCSII or Future TRi3

Rails: High, coming off a flatter deck, with thicker chest to nose volume. Hard in the tail. 
Bottom: Slight concave V.
Rocker: low Medium
21 - 28 Days Production time.

Customer Reviews

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I received this board as a custom about two years ago. Despite the lightness it has held up exceptionally well. Especially so given that it is my favourite board for average waves under head height (east coast NSW). It just works with plenty of speed and momentum and has nice pivot and on rail speed. It isn’t a sexy slim slipper, more a functional tool of trade that gets used regularly in those smaller spring and summery conditions. Very happy Gunther.

Mikey Reynolds
Neo Retro

Has to be one of the funnest boards to ride this thing never disappoints so much fun in small or solid waves has a comfortable feel and speed to burn loves coming off the bottom hard into sweeping turns .. lately I've been running the Machado 2+1 set up which lives up your turns even more .. great work Guntz making an older shape go so damn good .