Turbo Turtle

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Turbo Turtle, balanced responsive design. We know the ocean inside and out.

Turbo Turtle is perfect for the surfing master. The fuller nose area provides stability and balance, while the round tail adds performance in a wide range of conditions. It's a very versatile surfboard design for any surfer, just shift the dimensions and you've got it. A dynamic design. GR's most popular design for the older surfers. The rocker is very even, it curved up slightly in the nose. I've kept some meat under the chest for entry speed. The design has great latitude through a variety of sizes and conditions. This is the board I recommend for gracefully ageing surfers. No performance has been sacrificed. Just more paddle power and balance.

GR Concave Combo Single Double Concave Vee exit. The vee exit greatly assists manoeuvrability.

Fins Tri3 / QUAD5

Fin System Future / FCS II

Tail Round

Wave size 2 - 6 feet

14 - 21 Days Production time.