Best all round performance surfboard in the market.

The KEY to unlocking your potential. The Kompressor 501 has been tweaked to reduce the length and balance the width. The nose has been pulled out wider compared to the tail at the 12" points.

The Kompressor 501 is team rider Oney Anwar's go to surfboard for all conditions from 2-6 feet. Performance surfboards have becoming slightly shorter and wider. Consequently covering a wide range of conditions for surfers. Along with the Icycool, the Kompressor 501 is a very advanced design. With low boxy rails, magic rocker and subtle concave's.

 GR concave Combo  Single double concave.

Fins Tri3 / QUAD5

Fin System Future / FCSII

Tails Rounded Square, Squash, Swallow, Round, Rounded Pin.

Wave Size 2 - 6 Feet

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