Retro Fish Twin Keel

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Introducing the Retro Fish Twin Keel, the perfect board for making the most of those flat beach breaks and slow points with ample face. We all know there are plenty of these spots around, and the Retro Fish Keel is purpose-built to help you savour those slow, fuller waves to the fullest.

Here's what sets the Retro Fish Twin Keel apart:

Wave-Friendly Design:

  • The Retro Fish Keel is tailored for slow, fuller waves. Its design is geared towards maximising your enjoyment in such conditions.

Features for Speed and Control:

  • This board boasts a flatter deck and fuller rail, providing the stability and buoyancy needed to get you up on the water at full planing speed with minimal effort.
  • The vee bottom adds a layer of control and manoeuverability, allowing you to make the most of each wave.

A Twist of the Hips, a Few Blinks, and You're Flying:

  • With the Retro Fish Twin Keel, it takes just a twist of the hips and a few blinks to get you gliding effortlessly on the water.
  • Experience more speed, greater manoeuverability, and an overall heightened sense of fun on the waves.

Make Your Summer Hotter:

  • This summer, turn up the heat on your surfing adventures by hooking up with a Retro Fish Twin Keel.
  • It's your passport to making the most of those slower waves, ensuring your summer is filled with unforgettable rides.

In summary, the Retro Fish Keel is your go-to board for flat beach breaks and slow points with plenty of face. Its unique design elements are geared towards enhancing your speed, control, and overall enjoyment on the water. Don't miss out on making this summer hotter – get yourself a Retro Fish Keel and ride the waves like never before.

14 - 21 Days Production time.

Customer Reviews

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Todd was great to deal with when ordering and going over the board cheers mate

Can't get off this

If you want instant speed from the second you stand up and insane control at warp speed this thing will blow minds .. one problem though you will not be able to get off it!!