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Introducing the Turbo Turtle, a surfboard that embodies balanced and responsive design, crafted by those who intimately understand the rhythms of the ocean. This board is tailored to elevate your surfing experience, particularly if you're a seasoned master of the waves.

Key Features:

  • Fuller Nose Area for Stability: The Turbo Turtle features a fuller nose area that provides unparalleled stability and balance. This design element is ideal for riders looking for a reliable and controlled ride.

  • Round Tail for Versatility: The round tail of the Turbo Turtle adds a touch of performance versatility, ensuring it excels in a wide range of surf conditions. Whether you're riding small waves or larger swells, this board is up for the challenge.

  • Adaptability through Dimensions: The Turbo Turtle is a highly adaptable surfboard design. You can adjust the dimensions to suit your preferences, making it an excellent choice for surfers of various skill levels and styles.

  • Dynamic Design for Older Surfers: It's no surprise that the Turbo Turtle is GR's most popular design among older surfers. The even rocker profile, with a slight upward curve in the nose, maintains ample meat under the chest to ensure entry speed.

  • Performance and Paddle Power: Despite its focus on stability and balance, the Turbo Turtle doesn't sacrifice performance. It's built to provide more paddle power and balance, enhancing your overall surfing experience.

In summary, the Turbo Turtle is the ideal choice for gracefully aging surfers who seek a harmonious balance between stability, performance, and paddle power. With its versatile design and adaptability, it's a trusted companion that allows you to continue riding the waves with grace and style.

GR Concave Combo Single Double Concave Vee exit. The vee exit greatly assists manoeuvrability.
Fins Tri3 / QUAD5
Fin System Future / FCS II
Tail Round
Wave size 2 - 6 feet
14 - 21 Days Production time.

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Lovin my Turbo Turtle

Just back from the Maldives and this board excelled in all conditions. Great stick to keep this sixty two year old catching plenty of waves.