Cool Tool Mid Length

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Mid Length Cool Tool

Gunther Rohn neo classic design

The Cool Tool is a mid length retro inspired creation combined with minimal modern design aspects. Volume and wide point slightly forward of centre. low rocker, sweet rounded pin tail with some vee concave. Reflects on a 70's trim line, requires more wave face. Performs best in less critical sections of a wave. A cruiser feel to surfing, less busy style of surfing while still manoeuverable.

Single Fin Twin Fin or the popular 2 + One option. The freedom is your's to choose. Starting at 6'6" going up to 7'6".


GR Concave v bottom
Fins TRi3 - 2+1 - Twin - Single
Fin System Future / FCS II
Tails Round, Rounded Pin.
Wave Size 2 - 6+ feet
21 -28 Days Production time.

Customer Reviews

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Matt Brad
Very cool tool

I had to write a review. I have been wondering for months what these cool tools would be like. Just another gimmick I wondered? I finally gave into my curiosity and got myself a Christmas gift. I'm 46 years old and 80kg. I got a 6'8. Holy! Took it out for our maiden voyage this morning in solid swell at the points at Alex headland sunshine coast. The thing had soooo much drive and hold! I would love to see some footage of one of the team riders on solid surf with one of these under their feet. But, footage or not. I am a very happy camper and would highly recommend this board for anyone looking for a board for those better days. I'm yet again convinced that Gunther is one of the best shapers this country is fortunate to have on our shores. Thanks Gunther and the team. Matt