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Twin Fin 82, a surfboard that takes inspiration from the late 70s to mid-80s vintage style twin fins. This classic design combines the aesthetics of the 80s with modern improvements for enhanced performance. Here's what makes the Retro Twin Fin stand out:

Key Features:

  • Vintage Aesthetics: The Retro Twin Fin captures the essence of the late 70s to early-80s surfboard design, offering a nostalgic nod to that golden era of surfing.

  • Classic Twin Fin Setup: This board features the iconic twin fin setup that was popular during that time. The base of the fins align with the wings. Two fins provide a unique feel and manoeuverability, making it a distinctive choice for riders.

  • Balanced Design: The flat deck and low tucked boxy rails running to a harder edge in the tail create a balanced modern aesthetic. This design ensures stability while allowing for responsive turns. Vee bottom and lower rocker.

  • Winged Swallow Tail: The winged swallow tail is a classic touch that adds both style and functionality to the board. It enhances control and pivot in your turns.

  • Modern Dynamics for Improved Performance: While the Retro Twin Fin pays homage to the past, it incorporates modern dynamics to boost overall performance. This means you can enjoy the style of the 80s with the benefits of contemporary surfboard technology.

In summary, the Retro Twin Fin is a classic design in the current classic range, offering surfers the opportunity to experience the timeless style of the late 70s-80s while benefiting from modern improvements in performance and functionality. Whether you're a seasoned rider looking to relive the past or a new surfer seeking a distinctive board, the Retro Twin Fin is a fantastic choice for a trip down memory lane with a dash of contemporary flair.

Fin System: Future / FCS II

Tail: Swallow with wing at around 8-9"

Bottom Shape: Vee

Volume carries well to the nose and tail. Not over shaped keeping the vintage look 

21-28 Days Production time.

Customer Reviews

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David Muller
Retro twinny

Ordered 2 x retro twinnys from Gunther , 5’9 for my self and a 5’6 for my girl.
These boards are definitely a stand out in my quiver. The 5’6 is just unbelievable to ride I don’t know what Gunts did to this board but it feels amazing. Speed down the line and the full wrap around turns is effortless.
We decided to go old school look and went resin tint gloss and this board just looks so sick.
I’ve actually just ordered another one from Gunts they go that good.
Regards Davo