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Step up boards for stepping out. Serious surf 10 Foot + And beyond

Shaping boards for bigger waves. It's very critical to understand the relationship between the dimensions to correctly balance the board. Mistakes here can lead to catastrophic wipeouts in big waves. This is where a shapers experience counts.

While in Hawaii Gunther gained vital experience about gun's. GR's guns are top shelf. Big wave surfers come to Gunther from all over the country. If your a big wave surfer and haven't ridden a GR Step Up waste no more time. Get one. The man knows his business. Gunther's guns are very balanced. Rocker, thickness bottom shape and outline all blend together to make the ideal big wave board. Its the balance and symmetry of these big wave guns that catch your eye, and the dream of riding big waves with only a handful of surfers out in the water becomes your reality. It's these few time a year that you need this equipment for so it has to be right. No time to adjust to it.

POA Prices Start at $990 basic tri fin 7' Depending on materials and size the pice changes. Often we need to go to a specialised blank for thickness. So the price is very fluid. Estimates are as follows. 8' $1,100.00, 9' 1,400.00, 10' 1,600.00. These prices are only a guide. 

GR Bottom shape Rolled V into shallow concave into a low concave V.

Fins Tri3 / QUAD5

Fin System Future / FCS II

Tails, Rounded Pin, Pin or Swallow.

Wave size 8 -18+ foot

28 - 42 Days Production time.