Popsicool surfing small waves just became fun again. The performance of the Popsicool in small waves is second to none.

Pictured here is a 5’8″x 19 7/8″ x 2 3/8″ The full curvy outline gives the popsicool a  really playful feel in small waves. The oversize round tail has the advantage of a improved turning arc. This allows the surfer to plant your foot all the way back to drive and carve the board around in small waves. The lower rocker helps build speed. The curve through the nose is not so flat as to hinder performance. Shorter and stubber than the Turtle

GR Concave Combo  Single Double Concave Vee exit, creates a board that has superior  rail to rail transitions and greater control, on wider tailed boards. The nose has a sweet amount rocker not as flat as some other shapers are doing on this type of design. Giving you the performance edge.

Fins TRi3 or QUAD5

Tail Full Round

Wave Size Ankle to Chest

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