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The Lunatic is designed for short punchy beach break waves. I've placed the emphasis on total manoeuvrability. The Lunatics wings provides a pivot point, and along with the narrower round tail, allows for tight controlled arcs in the very critical sections of a wave. The nose width at 12" is not overly wide. It's in proportion with the middle width that i have increased, so emphasis is on the maximum curve in the outline for optimum manoeuvrability. i.e the lunatic has the proportions of a Kompressor 501 nose but added width because of the overall increase at the wide point in the middle.

It's best to order this board shorter, because of the added width and thickness. The smooth clean round tail extends the wave size range of the board for bigger waves. You can lay the board over hard onto the rail without losing any drive. THE LUNATIC IS FAST, DRIVEY AND VERY MANEUVERABLE.

Fin Set: Up 3 or 5

Bottom: Deep Double Concave into a Concave Vee. Creates maximum drive, acceleration and maneuverability.