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G Grom

If you're a Grommy with dreams of ripping it up on the waves, the G Grom Full Performance board is your ticket to ride. This board is designed to take your surfing to the next level, demanding the kind of balance and agility you'd expect from a cat.

Here's what you can expect from this board:

  • Boosted Bottom Turns: Get ready to come off the bottom faster and hit the lip harder. The G Grom Full Performance board is engineered to help you maximize your speed and power, making those bottom turns a breeze.

  • Air Time: Take your surfing to new heights with increased time above the lip. This board is your key to mastering aerial maneuvers and pushing your limits.

  • The Gunther Rohn Advantage: Many young surfers have launched their pro careers riding Gunther Rohn shapes, and you could be next. What's the secret to their success? It's Gunther's keen eye for detail, his ability to balance dimensions, a true passion for surfing, and innovative design characteristics.

  • Experience Matters: Ultimately, it all boils down to experience on all fronts. Gunther's boards are born from years of hands-on experience, both in the shaping bay and in the surf. It's this wealth of knowledge and dedication that sets these boards apart.

So, if you're a G Grom with big surfing ambitions, the G Grom Full Performance board is your key to unlocking your true potential on the waves. Get ready to rip, soar above the lip, and ride the waves like the next pro surfer sensation.


Fins: TRI3 
Fin System: Future / FCS II
21 - 28 Days Production time