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The Kompressor 501 is the ultimate performance surfboard, a testament to the genius of its designer, Gunther Rohn. It's the key to unlocking your full surfing potential. This board's design has been meticulously crafted to excel in all conditions, making it the go-to choice for our team riders.

Here's what sets the Kompressor 501 apart:

Optimized Nose and Tail:

  • The board's nose has been thoughtfully widened in proportion to the wide point, ensuring balanced performance.
  • The tail has been narrowed to compensate for the increased width, maintaining overall stability and control.

Versatility in Wave Conditions:

  • The Kompressor 501 is your trusty companion in wave heights ranging from 2-6 feet. It's a testament to the evolution of performance surfboards, which have become slightly shorter and wider, making them versatile across a broad spectrum of surf conditions.

Advanced Design Features:

  • Alongside the Gpro series, the Kompressor 501 represents a pinnacle of advanced surfboard design.
  • It features low boxy rails, an even rocker (not overly flat, as it's still a performance board), and carefully engineered concave profiles.

Responsive Rail Tuck:

  • The rail tuck on the Kompressor 501 is a masterful blend of control and liveliness.
  • It starts with a tough, hard edge in the tail, tapering just in front of the fins and gradually softening through the board. This precise design ensures responsiveness without sacrificing stability.

In summary, the Kompressor 501 is the go-to surfboard for those who demand the best in all conditions. Its innovative design, balanced proportions, and responsive features make it a true performance masterpiece. Whether you're navigating smaller waves or tackling larger swells, the Kompressor 501 is the ultimate tool for surfers looking to elevate their game.

GR concave: Combo Single double concave.
Fins: Tri3 / QUAD5
Fin System: Future / FCSII
Tails: Rounded Square, Squash, Swallow, Round, Rounded Pin.
Wave Size: 2 - 6 Feet
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21 - 28 Days Production time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mikey Reynolds
Kompressor 501

Mate! .. Guntz listens to what you need I've had quite a few boards all different models .. I ordered 2 Kompressor's knowing that they are performance boards asked for team glass to keep them light rather than order EPS.. got team light PU .. Mate! They are light fast and rip turns you thought you could never do! .. my go to performance boards for sure .. and bloody great personal service by Guntz and Toddy .. great quality performance board that enhance your surfing!

Great Boards

I have an older 6'6 and a new 6'4 go to boards in any conditions,
Plenty of paddle power and super responsive a typical Gunther board they just get up and GO.

Steven Baker
Kompressor 501

My last Kompressor is the magic all rounder . It goes great in so many different conditions as it gains speed so easily is really manoeuvrable while still maintaining a lot of drive . I ride it in everything from 1 to 2 foot slop, with medium fcs 2 performer fins up to pumping 4 to 6 foot with large fins in. I used to ride a 6’1 short board but my Kompressor is now a 5’11 , and a little wider, and fits in the pocket so well. This board is probably 9 months old and is still in great condition considering how much I surf , it’s nice and light but has a great glass job , so it still looks almost brand new. Gunther is a master shaper and his boards have always gone well but this Kompressor model is the best yet for me . I have been getting the Kompressor shape the last 5 years and they have all been great boards . If you are after a great all round board that will work well in a big variety of conditions this is an awesome shape. Gunther has been one of the top shapers for decades and it shows with how consistently good his boards are . I couldn’t be happier with my latest Kompressor. Thanks Gunther,
Steve Baker.

Jamie Wilson
Like it

Board is great in waves below 4 foot. Very loose and will be my small wave board. I will order another when the time comes.