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The Icycool has a curvy outline, with an increased sweet spot that straightens through to the tail. A tail that is relatively pulled in at the 12"TW (tail width) point. Emphasising more drive over skatiness, giving the icycool more latitude from small sloppy waves, to hollow shoulder high conditions. The rocker is lowish, although not so flat through the nose curve as to sacrifice performance aspects, or cause it to be catchy. This rocker keeps the board in the critical section of the wave. Fast, loose and responsive. The Icycool is a very popular design for all surfers. A forgiving, balanced design,  its very user friendly.

GR Concave Combo. Deep Double Concave into concave V Pod. This assists the board with faster rail to rail transitions and pocket surfing.

Rails: low boxy

Fins: Tri3 / QUAD5

Fin System: Future / FCSII

Tail Squash: Round or Thumb.

Wave size: 2 - 5 Foot

14 - 21 Days Production time.