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G2 Pro

The G2 Pro, a high-performance surfboard meticulously crafted for tight pocket surfing. This board is all about speed, responsiveness, and a loose, agile feel in the water. Here's a closer look at its features:

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: This G2 Pro comes in at 5'11" x 18 3/4" x 2 5/16", with a volume of 27.59 litres.
  • Tail Shape: It sports a Rounded Square tail, a design that offers a perfect balance of control and release.

Design and Innovation:

  • Progressive Design: The G2 Pro is the brainchild of the talented shaper, Gunther Rohn. Its design is marked by a narrower outline compared to the Kompressor501, featuring a more constant curve that translates to increased rocker. This design element sets the stage for pure performance.

Performance Characteristics:

  • For Above Average Surfers: This board is tailored for surfers with above-average skills. It's built to handle the demands of fast, radical surfing characterised by tight arcs and quick combination manoeuvers.
  • Sensitivity and Responsiveness: The G2 Pro is exceptionally sensitive to the rider's movements. Any adjustments or shifts made by the surfer are swiftly and precisely transferred through the board. This heightened sensitivity means that the board responds instantly to your commands.
  • Lightning-Fast Reaction Time: When it comes to rail-to-rail action, the G2 Pro is unmatched in its responsiveness. Its reaction time is lightning-fast, ensuring that you can execute rapid transitions and manoeuvers with ease.

In summary, the G2 Pro is a surfboard designed to elevate your surfing to the next level. It's the ideal companion for those seeking a board that thrives in tight pocket conditions. With its progressive design, sensitivity, and lightning-fast responsiveness, it empowers surfers to push the boundaries of their performance, delivering fast and radical surfing experiences.

GR concave Combo: Single double concave. G2 Pro.
Fins: TRi3 / QUAD5
Fin System: Future / FCS II
Tails: Rounded Square, Squash, Swallow, Round, Rounded Pin.
Wave Size: 2 - 6+ feet
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14 -21 Days Production time.