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GR 4 Channel surfboard. 4 is designed to encourage you to lay it over on the rail, enhance performance. What's unique about the design is the precise placement of FCSII and Future plugs right where I had always envisioned channels and fin placement in my designs – nestled inside the deeper channel along the rail. This strategic placement amplifies your board's drive, taking your ride to the next level

It's not your typical 4 channel board with a bulky belly channel design you see around. It's an ingenious adaptation of the original 6 channel. The magic happens when these channels, thoughtfully carved deep into the rail, work in synergy with your front fins snugly nestled inside. The result? An extraordinary sensation of control and speed, especially when riding down the line. 

The channels have been kept deep on the rail to assist you drive down the line fast. I've not sacrificing any design functions to fit a specific fin system into my boards. And this is an outright benefit for your surfing. We install FCSII and Future into the channel. See the images. Screw it.

GR 4 Channel deep channels how and where they should be. No imitations.
Rails: low boxy
Fins: Tri3
Fin System: Future / FCSII
Tail; Swallow or Round
Wave size: 3 - 6 Foot
14-21 Days Production time.