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Step up boards for stepping out. Serious surf 10 Foot + And beyond


Shaping boards for bigger waves is a highly specialised craft that demands a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between board dimensions. Mistakes in this delicate balance can have serious consequences when riding big waves. This is where the experience of a skilled shaper becomes paramount.

During his time in Hawaii, Gunther gained invaluable experience in shaping guns, and his expertise shines through in his top-tier big wave surfboards. Surfers from all corners of the country seek out Gunther's boards for their big wave adventures. If you're a dedicated big wave surfer and haven't yet experienced a GR Step Up board, there's no better time to make the move. Gunther's reputation in the business speaks for itself.

What sets Gunther's big wave guns apart is their exceptional balance. Each board's rocker, thickness, bottom shape, and outline are meticulously crafted to create the perfect synergy for conquering large waves. It's the harmonious blending of these elements that catches your eye, and the dream of riding those monumental waves with only a handful of fellow surfers becomes a reality.

These big wave guns are not something you use every day, but when the swell rises and the conditions align, they must perform flawlessly from the get-go. There's no time for adjustments when you're in the throes of big wave surfing. Gunther understands this implicitly, and his boards are engineered to meet the highest standards of reliability and performance.

In summary, shaping boards for big waves is an art form that requires experience and precision. Gunther's reputation in the field is well-earned, and his big wave guns are a testament to his expertise. If you're seeking the ultimate big wave experience, don't hesitate to trust Gunther's craftsmanship, where balance and precision are the keys to mastering those colossal waves.

POA Prices Start at $990 basic tri fin 7' Depending on materials and size the pice changes. Often we need to go to a specialised blank for thickness. So the price is very fluid. Estimates are as follows. 8' $1,100.00, 9' $1,500.00, 10' $1,800.00. These prices are only a guide. Freight cost also need to be added dependent on location and board size. Estimate, $ 120 - $280+.

GR Bottom shape Rolled V into shallow concave into a low dbl concave Vee.

Fins Tri3 / QUAD5

Fin System Future / FCS II

Tails, Rounded Pin, Pin or Swallow.

Wave size 8 -18+ foot

28 - 42 Days Production time.