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Get ready for a whole new level of fun in small waves with the Popsicool surfboard. Designed to reignite your passion for riding those smaller swells, this board is a game-changer. Here's what you need to know:

Playful Feel with a Full Curvy Outline:
  • The Popsicool boasts a full, curvy outline that injects a playful spirit into your small wave sessions.

  • Its oversized round tail is a game-changer, offering an improved turning arc. This means you can confidently shift your foot all the way back and carve the board with precision in those smaller waves.

Speed and Performance:
  • The lower rocker of the Popsicool is tailored to help you build speed effortlessly. You'll find yourself cruising through those small waves with style and ease.

  • The curve through the nose strikes a perfect balance, providing performance without sacrificing the board's ability to tackle small waves effectively.

GR Concave Combo for Control:
  • The Popsicool features the GR Concave Combo, which includes a Single, Double, and Vee exit concave. This combination enhances your control, particularly on wider-tailed boards.

  • With this concave design, you'll experience superior rail-to-rail transitions and greater overall manoeuverability.

Performance Edge in Small Waves:
  • The nose of the Popsicool maintains a sweet amount of rocker. It's not overly flat, as seen in some other designs.

  • This well-balanced rocker ensures that you have a competitive edge when it comes to performance in small waves.

In summary, the Popsicool surfboard is your ticket to reigniting the excitement of riding small waves. Its design elements, from the full curvy outline to the rocker and concave combo, all contribute to an incredible small wave surfing experience. Say goodbye to the frustration of small waves and hello to a world of fun and control with the Popsicool.

Fins: TRI3 or QUAD5
Fin System: Future / FCSII
Tail: Full Round
Wave Size: 1 - 4 feet

14- 21 Days Production time.

Customer Reviews

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All rounder

If you love the Neo Fish and of course you do this is the answer to punchier suckier days when you want to hold tight in the convex and not race the wave but flow with it and sit in the pocket .. it also has speed to burn if you want to race sections like the Fish but pulls a nice round arc in turns and loves barrels basically a do all board for most conditions

Will order fer sure!!

low entry,with single to double vee exit,is something like a Harmonic balance,u need that for speed in smaller waves with less energy!! busting out to try those rails,for easier transitions,which create speed watch JJF and kelly pumping that. I am ardamant quad surfer,so with2 fins each rail you can afford to go a bit wider which helps the older fellas,(hint hint,and you wnt spin out)as a rider of quads with single to double,for 15 yrs,i will never go back.You wnt go wrong! Surf till ya drop!