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Mid Length Cool Tool

Gunther Rohn neo classic design

Introducing the Cool Tool, a surfboard that seamlessly blends retro inspiration with modern minimalism. This mid-length gem is thoughtfully designed to provide a unique surfing experience. Here's a closer look at its features:

Design Aspects:

  • Volume and Wide Point: The Cool Tool boasts a balanced volume distribution with its wide point slightly forward of the centre. This design element provides excellent stability and paddle power, making it an ideal choice for riders of various skill levels.
  • Low Rocker: With its low rocker profile, this board is optimised for effortless glide across the water. It's all about catching waves early and maintaining momentum.
  • Rounded Pin Tail with Vee Concave: The sweet rounded pin tail adds a touch of vintage elegance while the vee concave enhances control and manoeuverability. These features combine for a smooth and responsive ride.

Surfing Style:

  • 70's Trim Line: The Cool Tool takes inspiration from the trim lines of the 1970s surfboards. It's designed to excel in a more relaxed and flowing style of surfing, making it perfect for cruising and trimming along the wave face.
  • Ideal for Less Critical Sections: While it may not be your go-to board for radical manoeuvers in critical sections of the wave, the Cool Tool truly shines in less critical sections. It's all about capturing the essence of classic long boarding and enjoying the ride.
  • Manoeuverable: Despite its emphasis on a cruiser feel, the Cool Tool remains surprisingly manoeuverable. It's not about frenetic activity but rather a calm and composed approach to wave riding.

Fin Options:

  • The Cool Tool offers you the freedom to choose your preferred fin setup. Whether you opt for the classic Single Fin, the playful Twin Fin, or the versatile 2 + One option, you can tailor the board's performance to suit your surfing style.

Size Range:

  • The Cool Tool comes in sizes ranging from 6'6" to 7'6", catering to a variety of rider preferences and wave conditions.

In summary, the Cool Tool is more than just a surfboard; it's a tribute to the timeless charm of 70's surfing with a touch of modern convenience. Whether you seek a relaxed cruising experience or wish to experiment with different fin setups, the Cool Tool is ready to accompany you on your next wave-riding adventure.


GR Concave v bottom
Fins TRi3 - 2+1 - Twin - Single
Fin System Future / FCS II
Tails Round, Rounded Pin.
Wave Size 2 - 6+ feet
21 -28 Days Production time.

Customer Reviews

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Been riding these boards for a while now and as a midlength should be is at home in pretty much any situation I've used it in 1ft mush as a groveller and solid 6ft pumping point breaks its solid under foot and does what its told in critical sections a must have for anyone's quiver

Matt Brad
Very cool tool

I had to write a review. I have been wondering for months what these cool tools would be like. Just another gimmick I wondered? I finally gave into my curiosity and got myself a Christmas gift. I'm 46 years old and 80kg. I got a 6'8. Holy! Took it out for our maiden voyage this morning in solid swell at the points at Alex headland sunshine coast. The thing had soooo much drive and hold! I would love to see some footage of one of the team riders on solid surf with one of these under their feet. But, footage or not. I am a very happy camper and would highly recommend this board for anyone looking for a board for those better days. I'm yet again convinced that Gunther is one of the best shapers this country is fortunate to have on our shores. Thanks Gunther and the team. Matt